Welcome to The Events Co.

The Events Co has fast become one of the largest multifaceted event specialists on the Isle of Wight. From humble beginnings, when we built our first candy cart, to where we are today, the ethos of the company has not changed: to provide the best 1 to 1 service with meticulous attention to detail to create long lasting memories.
Oh, and to drink tea... Tea is very important in our life so it won't come as a surprise that our base is The Tea House in Ventnor which we also own. Come and see us anytime!

Our Team

Khia Janzen

Born into a family of hotel owners, Khia spent her formative years as part of busy team running all aspects of the hotel trade. With a qualification in Technical Theatre and Stage Management, Khia returned to the Isle of Wight and spent a number of years honing her craft working in events and productions, organising fairs and managing artist liaison services at a number of festivals.
The Events Co was born out of a desire to combine all her training and experience doing something she loved and making that her every day work.
"The events business is constantly changing and evolving and that is what makes it so exciting.  Every new booking and every new event is a challenge and no two days are the same".

Katy Rose

Since graduating with a degree in Applied Arts, Katy Rose has worked as a freelance illustrator in her hometown, Ventnor, on the Isle of Wight. Katy is inspired by using memory and nostalgia to create her unique style of pen and ink drawings, using illustration as a form of storytelling. Recently, Katy has been working with Bestival and the Isle of Wight Festival creating bespoke venue artwork, while previously developing new RSPCA and WWF clothing lines for island eco-fashion brand Rapanui.

"Nothing is more exciting than meeting a new client, learning about what inspires them and then creating artwork and illustrations specially for them, telling their story".
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