Delicious Dutch mini-pancakes

Freshly made using a traditional 'poffertjes plaat'

Have them simply with melting butter and a dusting of icing sugar

or top them with cream, strawberries & Nutella!
Poffertjes are a typically Dutch treat resembling very small, fluffy pancakes. 

They are a must-eat on national holidays, during summer festivals and other festivities in Holland. In the Christmas and New Year’s Eve period, you can find poffertjes stalls on every Christmas market.

Traditionally they are served with powdered sugar and hot melted butter. 

Poffertjes are baked in a special pan. Their name is derived from the way they are prepared since the dough puffs up in the pan in the process of baking.

The Events Co can bring their 'poffertjes kraam' to your event and delight your guests with a little sweet treat from Dutch heaven, cooked fresh right in front of their eyes!


The 'Poffertjes Kraam' is great for any outdoor event but we can also bring a smaller version for indoor use.

We will need a power supply and access to fresh water but will bring along everything else we need.
The poffertjes are cooked to order and only take a few minutes. We can prepare 5 portions at a time so it is best if people just wander up as they like, rather than try and serve 100 people at the same time.

Ideally we will need to set up the day or morning before and break-down the day after the event. 
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